National Triathlon 2018



2018 Barbados Nationals Start List

We would like to invite Triathletes from all over the world to come to Barbados to participate in our 28th National Barbados Triathlon on Sunday 14th October 2018.



Non-Resident participants are required to enter online using Race Roster.
Residents can enter via by completing this form – Registration Form.

6:00 am for Olympic Distance race
6:10 am for Sprint Distance & Relay Teams

Course Maps:

Transition, Swim CourseBike CourseRun CourseFinish

Spring Garden Highway (Brandon’s Beach) about 1km north of Bridgetown

Hotel accommodation:

Barbados has many different types of accommodation which will suit all budgets.  Below is a list of hotels that have offered accommodation to visiting triathletes in the past.

  1. Rostrevor Hotel
  2. Plum Tree Club
  3. Paradise Villas
  4. Time Out in the Gap
  5. Infinity Beach Hotel
  6. Coconut Court, see advertisement below for booking
  7. Courtyard Marriott
  8. Pirates Inn
  9. Worthing Court Hotel
  10. Hilton Hotel

Feel free to contact us for other recommendations.

Registration process:
Non-Resident participants are required to enter online using Race Roster.
Residents can enter via by completing this form – Registration Form.
Your age on 31st December 2018 is your race age.

Entry Deadline:
All entries must be in before Wednesday October 10th, 2018

Registration fees:
Olympic Distance race: Non-Residents: BD$120/US$60; Residents: members -BD$100/US$50, non members BD$120/US$60
Sprint Distance: Non-Residents: BD$110/US$55; Residents: members – BD$90/US$45, non members – BD$110/US$55
Relay Teams: BDS$120 per team or US$60 per team
Each entrant will receive a Swim Cap & Race Numbers.

Race Briefing:
The Race Briefing will be held at the race site (Brandon’s Beach) on Saturday 13th October 2018 (evening before the race) at 4:30PM.
No Race entry at the briefing.
Race fees are to be paid prior to the Briefing.
At the Briefing, you will receive your Race Kit containing your Race Numbers, Swim Cap, & other race related information. The Race Director/Referee will explain all three sections of the Course and Transition area. Instructions will be repeated on Race morning, 15 minutes before the Start.

BFIT will provide race site transfers to triathletes staying on the South Coast between Maxwell & Bridgetown. Competitors and non competitors will have to pay US$20 per person to use this service.

Race Rules:
Numbers must be fixed to the bike and shirt as approved by the Race Director (bike frame post & front of body for the Relay runners.
All competitors will be body marked on arm & legs.
All repairs during an event shall be performed by the individual racer.
Racers must complete the event on the same bicycle upon which he/she began the event.
Any repairs or changes must be done with equipment carried by the individual racer.
This event is not Draft legal.
All competitors must attend the pre-race briefing and must familiarize themselves with the course.
Any Foul riding, unsportsmanlike behaviour or abusive languages may result in warning, penalties, relegation, and/or disqualification.
Cyclist failing to stay left of middle of road may be warned, penalized, relegated, and/or disqualified.
Entry to the race will end the day before 10th October 2018 (see below).
Any modified instructions shall be verbally announced at the race briefing, repeated 15 minutes before the start of the race and shall apply to that race.
The Race Director’s & Race Referee’s decisions are final.
Other standard ITU rules also apply, in particular:
a. Approved hard helmet; b. Enclosed shoes on bike; c. Jersey or top (no bare torso).

Past Results from previous National Triathlons:
Male Barbados National Champions
Female Barbados National Champions