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2019 podium

2020 Bridgetown PATCO Sprint Triathlon American Cup – CANCELLED (we are planning for hosting the event in 2021)

2019 Bridgetown CAMTRI Sprint Triathlon American Cup

The Spring Garden course is situated on one of the calmest coasts in Barbados, situated a stone’s throw out of the capital, Bridgetown. The crystal clear Caribbean Sea gives triathletes the opportunity to view beautiful coral reefs while swimming and the chance to spot a turtle, very likely.

The Bike & Run courses share the same tarmac with almost zero elevation except for a small incline at the north turn on the Bike.

Barbados also boasts some of the best weather conditions in the world with an average yearly temperature of 28 degrees C and water temperature of 26 degrees C at race time.

This beautiful island provides the perfect opportunity for competitors and non-competing partners and families to stay and enjoy the relaxed environment and attractions.

Swim Course Familiarization:
Brandons Beach on Spring Garden Highway
Saturday 20th April 2019
Start time 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Bike Course Familiarization
Brandons Beach on Spring Garden Highway
NB: Bikes are not allowed on the course before the event. The bike course is a busy highway and the law forbids riding on the course other than when permission to close the road has been obtained. However the bike course and run course overlap so the bike course can be viewed on foot.

Race Briefing & Uniform Checks
Venue: Barbados Olympic Association Centre, Gymnasium Complex, Wildey, St. Michael, Barbados
Date: Saturday 20th April 2019
Start time: 3:30pm (1530 Hrs)
NB: There are NO credit card facilities at the Briefing site. Please pay in US$125 cash.

Race Schedule
Sunday 21st April 2019:

5:30 am – Athlete Lounge open,  equipment check (Female) & transition open (Female)

6:00 am to 6:45 am – Swim Warm-up (Female)

6:45 am – Transition closed (Female)

7:00 am – Female Sprint Start

7:15 am – Athlete Lounge open & equipment check (Male)

7:45 am – Transition open (Male)

7:45 am to 8:30 am – Swim Warm-up (Male)

8:30 am – Transition closed  (Male)

8:45 am – Male Sprint Start

10:30 am – Awards ceremony at race venue

Event page on ITU website


Athletes’ Guide (English) – available on ITU website

Athletes’ Guide (Spanish) – available on ITU website

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