National Duathlon Championships


2022 BFIT Bushy Park National Duathlon Championships – September 18, 2022

Overall results

Results by age and gender

Mites (U11) with splits

Youth (11-14) with splits

Championship, Adult, 15+ with splits

EVENT DATE: 18th September 2022

5:00 am – volunteers arrive, volunteers briefing
5:15 am – transition open (masks to be worn when setting up transition)
5:30 am – Championship and 15yrs+ participants, check-in, temperature check, timing chip pick up, warm up, course familiarization
6:30 am – Championship and Adult races start (road & mountain)
6:30 am – Athlete arrival (Under 15), check-in, temperature check, timing chip pick up, warm up, course familiarization
7:30 am – BFIT Kids Series Duathlon starts
9:30 am – estimated finish time, awards and presentation


Event Categories

Registration deadline – Noon Friday, September 16, 2022
Championship event (16+): Entry fee $20
Adult & Junior Road Bike Distance/Course: Entry fee $20
Adult & Junior Mountain Bike Distance/Course: Entry fee $20
Youth (11-14) Road Bike Distance/Course: Entry fee $10
Youth (11-14) Mountain Bike Distance/Course: Entry fee $10
Mites (U11) Road & Mountain Bike Distance/Course: Entry fee $10

Prizes: Championship Event – Open, overall 1st – 3rd male and female
Adult age group categories – 1st male and female in age group, mountain & road.
Junior, Youth & Mites categories: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, per age group male and female.

Age Groups: based on age as of December 31, 2022
U7 – Mites
7-8 – Mites
9-10 – Mites
11 – 12 – Youth
13 – 14 – Youth
15-19 – Junior
20 – 29 – Adult
30 – 39 – Adult
40 – 49 – Adult
50 – 59 – Adult
60 & over – Adult

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Duathlon race rules

  1. Ankle chips, must be worn on the ankle specified at the race briefing
  2. All competitors will be body marked on arm & legs
  3. All repairs during the event shall be performed by the individual racer. There will be a spare-wheel station.
  4. Racers must complete the event on the same bicycle upon which he/she began the event.
  5. Any repairs or changes must be done with equipment carried by the individual racer
  6. This event is draft legal. No aero bars permitted.
  7. Handle bar ends must have plugs.
  8. No blocking of faster riders.
  9. All competitors must attend the race briefing and must familiarize themselves with the course
  10. Any Foul riding, unsportsmanlike behaviour or abusive languages may result in warning, time penalty, relegation and disqualification
  11. MP3 players, earphones, etc., are not allowed on the bike leg
  12. Registration will end at midnight of 20th of August 2020
  13. Any modified instructions shall be verbally announced at the race briefing before the start of the race and shall apply to that race
  14. The Race Director’s decision is final
  15. This is not an ITU sanctioned event, standard ITU rules may not be applicable or modified, in particular
  16. Mount and dismount bike at the indicated line
  17. Approved hard helmet
  18. Helmet must be on and chin strap fastened before removing bike from rack
  19. Helmet must be on and strapped at all times when on the bicycle, this includes prior and post race
  20. No riding in transition
  21. Enclosed shoes
  22. Jersey or top (no bare torso)
  23. COVID Protocols to be observed

2019 Results

2017 Duathlon Overall Results


N.B. map above shows the adult road bike race course (red), adult mountain bike course (green), run course (blue).  Kids races will be a shortened version of this course.  The run course will be the same for road bike and mountain bike categories.

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